Apparel fabric filtration application

2020-02-07 13:45:02 925

Apparel fabric applications include outdoor mountaineering clothing, tents, rain boots, etc. PTFE microporous membrane has excellent hydrophobic properties and micron-level pore diameters, which make it have excellent waterproof performance and good air permeability. Therefore, when used in apparel fabrics, Not only can effectively isolate the rainwater from infiltration, but also can promptly remove the water evaporated from the body to keep it comfortable. A large number of try-on experiences at home and abroad show that when the air permeability exceeds 30mm/s, the windproof performance is lost, and the air permeability of the film under 10 wind pressure is 28.85mm/s, which still does not exceed 30mm/s. Has excellent wind resistance.

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