PTFE ultra-thick glass fiber membrane

PTFE ultra-thick glass fiber membrane

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Product name: Ultra-thick glass fiber membrance

Product introduction: Jingcheng glass fiber membrance series adopts dispersed PTFE raw material. It has excellent temperature resistance, resistance to organic and inorganic chemical corrosion, high air permeability, high uniformity and high degree of curing. Widely used in high-level flue gas filtration in power generation, steel, metallurgy and chemical industries.

Features: The ultra-thick glass fiber membrance uses imported raw materials, and its excellent chemical compatibility is resistant to most chemical reagents.

                 Due to the molecular pore size and density of the material, ultra-thick glass fiber membranes can greatly improve filtration efficiency.

                 All standard tests are completed before leaving the factory to ensure product quality requirements.

                 The production environment is clean and tidy.

Application areas: filter glass fiber mat, glass fiber membrane filter bag

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