Expanded PTFE Gasket

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Product Name: Expanded PTFE Gasket

Product introduction: Jingcheng gasket series uses expanded polytetrafluoroethylene sheets as the main raw material. Has temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, high density, and high lubricity. Widely used in sealing parts of flange connections such as pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerators, etc., especially suitable for complex geometric shapes, The flange surface is not flat, and the sealing of special flanges such as glass enamel.


Features and advantages: professional production, selected high-quality raw materials, full size and specification of the expanded board, support customization.

Complete various standard tests before leaving the factory to ensure product quality requirements.

Factory direct sales, after-sales service guarantee

The production environment is clean and tidy.  

Application field: as a gasket for uneven flange surfaces

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