Industrial dust filter application

2020-02-07 13:46:09 903 未知

Industrial dust removal applications include the interception and collection of pollutant dust in thermal power plants, steel plants, cement plants, garbage incineration plants and other fields. Due to the non-sticky and surface filtering characteristics of PTFE microporous membranes, the filter cake layer formed on the surface is blown The method is easy to peel off and remove, so as to restore the air permeability and greatly extend the service life of the filter bag or filter cartridge. Due to excellent corrosion resistance, excellent thermal stability and good mechanical properties, the use of PTFE filter media in the field of industrial smoke and dust purification have increased rapidly. Research data shows that in 2016-2020, waste incineration, coal power, steel The compound annual growth rate of the demand for PTFE filter materials for cement dust removal systems exceeds 10%, and some industries even exceed 20% (such as garbage incineration).

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