"2022 (5th) Fluorine Chemical Training Course-Special Topics of Fluoropolymer Processing

2022-08-22 07:46:07 2577

To improve employees' professional skills and broaden their understanding of production theory. Huzhou Jingcheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. took part in the "2022 (5th) Fluorine Chemical Training Course-Special Topics of Fluoropolymer Processing," which was held in Hangzhou from August 11 to 13, 2022, and was sponsored by the China Fluorosilicate Organic Materials Industry Association, organized by Beijing Fluorosilicate Technology Development Co., Ltd., and assisted by Beijing Guohua New Materials Technology Research Institute.

During the training, authoritative experts from universities and businesses such as the fluorosilicone association, Shanghai Organic Institute, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Juhua Technology Center, Huayi Technology Research Institute, Daikin, Guotai Xiaoxing, Beijing Xinshiyi, and others gave lectures. The courses cover topics such as China's fluorine chemical industry's development status and trend analysis, the processing of fusible fluoroplastics, the production and processing of microporous films, fluororesin wires and cables, fluororesin sealing materials, and the development and application of new fluoropolymers, among others. Experts combined their own experience and theoretical practice to provide the most recent and comprehensive overview of popular science. It provides us with a more comprehensive understanding of the background of the fluorination industry at home and abroad, as well as some production details. This has a positive influence on our subsequent production of PTFE film and plate products.

The fluorination industry in China is rapidly expanding, but it needs to be strengthened in some areas. Jingcheng New Materials Association, as a fluorination worker, has always adhered to the value concept of struggle, joint efforts, progress, and altruism, and has strengthened communication and cooperation with outstanding enterprises and research institutes in the industry to make common progress, develop, and innovate in order to seek longer-term development.


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